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[Showcase] FREE TEMPLATE - Travel Marketplace like Airbnb

@anna86g Which page can I see the time selection boxes on? I am on page “rooms” but I can’t find them.

Hello @edtyli9 did you saw my message for the 3D secure? did you try to do a full payment? i tried but each time i have the status action requiered in stripe :

Hi @franck1

This has to do with the Stripe.js plugin. The maker seems to have worked on it but I can’t find further communications on whether it has been done. You may want to contact the maker.

Alternatively, you can swap out the Stripe.js plugin for the one made by Bubble. It seems to support 3D Secure


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Thanks for popping in @edtyli9!

Stripe.js does indeed support 3D Secure and adheres to Stripe’s payment flow. If a payment doesn’t have enough information about the payer or the transaction needs more information for verification, Stripe will change the status of the payment to requires_action. Stripe.js supports payment actions being handled automatically where possible, but some actions may require further customer input as decided by financial institutions and Stripe itself. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for chiming in @copilot and awesome plugin!

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I am attempting to start with this template and yet ultimately make extensive changes along the way. The AIRBNB model is the closest I’ve found to my ultimate goal Urban Farming.

I’m building a platform to support at least four categories of users:

  1. Farmers growing food similar to (HOSTS) in the AIRBNB model
  2. Consumers looking for food close to them in their own neighborhood similar to (GUESTS) in the AIRBNB model
  3. Farmhands that are local kids for local neighborhood Labor similar to (VENDORS) in the AIRBNB model
  4. Shopkeepers who collect local produce, eggs, chicken, honey and mushrooms and sell them at local Farmers Markets similar to (AGGREGATORS/MANAGERS) in the AIRBNB model

I love the beginning I have but there is a lack of STARTING INFORMATION surrounding the Templates such as the simplest way to DISABLE the “Floating Group A” element in the LIVE version. It’s handy on the development side and could even be expanded for my usecase.

Also, I wanted to copy the users table and ran into this problem.

@edtyli9 What do you think ?


I want to commit to Bubble, but there needs to be better documentation and training. I want to focus on that. I will need help with my project, maybe I can trade for helping with the improvement in the documentation and training.

email: [email protected]

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Re your data upload issue:
There is a mismatch between the format of the database and the data you have on your CSV. Check row 1. For example, the field “country” expects the data format “Country Data v2 (Countries)”. This data format comes from the plugin “Countries”.
The easiest way to proceed is to skip this field. Just select “Skip” in the dropdown.

Re documentation:
Sounds great! The templates are provided for free to the community and we’d appreciate any help from the community. You can drop the documentation here and we will merge them into the template after review. We’ll attribute your name accordingly.

Anyone else?

How was your conversion from DEVELOPMENT to LIVE ?

Exporting and importing the database?

I didn’t keep all the USERS, so I might have shot myself in the foot.