[Showcase] Yumbook - iOS & Android App built on Bubble

Hi all! I wanted to share Yumbook - an app we’ve been working on for a while - built on Bubble and then wrapped inside iOS & Android Native apps from Superview!

Yumbook is a simple way to collect, discover and share delicious recipes. Save all the recipes you have in Yumbook so you can easily refer back to them when you cook!

Give it a spin and please give us any feedback you may have, and I’m happy to answer questions you may have about how we built certain features!





Congrats on launching!

And you’re certainly one of the early adopters of .app. May even be able to claim the prize of first Bubble app to use .app :smiley:


Nice work :slight_smile:

This is great, love the UI/UX

great job! did you have difficulties with getting approved by Apple?

Nope! What I found is that as long as the UI looks and behaves closely to native apps, there shouldn’t be an issue.

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good to know, did you have to implement push notifications or native toolbar?

Push notifications - yes
Native toolbar - no (but tab bar, toolbar made in bubble to resemble native look)

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did you create it all by bubble and then migrated with another tool for android and ios or bubble made automatic?