Click on a Repeating Group to view the row’s full details

Hello everyone, I’m new here I already searched for my problem but didn’t find how to solve it.
I have a repeating group and I would like to click on any row to display another page with information that belongs to the same row.

The answer to that will depend entirely on how your database is set up and the content type and datasource of both your page and your repeating group.

But the simplest way to do it is as follows:

On you ‘Information page’ set the content type of the page to the specific datatype in question.

Set the content type of your RG to that same datatype, and set up your data source as required.

Then all you need to do, when a user clicks on a row in the RG, is use the Navigate To Page action, select the page you want to go to, and set the data to send to be the current cell’s data.

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