Showing data for only the entry clicked on

Hi I am still having an issue with showing data that references the cell of the repeating group that was selected. I thought i figured it out but sadly I did not. Instead of showing the number of people going to that one event it shows the number of peopl going to all the events.35%20AM 24%20AM
Is it possible to separate them?

Hey @brownk78

I’m not quite sure I follow the question. Are you having issues showing the right data for when a user clicks the ‘Going’ button? For this you could probably use custom states to display the selected Basketball event, unless of course it goes to another page which in that case you will probably need to send parameters to that page.

If possible you can share your Editor it might be easier to diagnose.

I’ve noticed on the ‘People Going’ its doesnt seem right the count, your probably just need to count the data in the repeating group e.g. something like the below.

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