Showing different Items of a list over multiple groups

Hi !

I’m trying to show list items , 1 of each item , on the same groups on the same page, navigated used custom states to alter visibility.

For example, if a list is:

“1. Whisk eggs
2. Add flour
3. Add sugar
4. Place in oven”

I’d like to show the first item of the list/first step (1. Whisk eggs) , then once the user clicks the Next button, navigate to the 2nd item of the list, and so on.

I’m getting the list data using URL parameters. The main issue im struggling with is formatting the logic in my dynamic expression in the group showing the list, so that it will continue to keep showing the next item of the list when the user clicks Next, regardless of the length of the list.

The extremely tedious way would seem to create say 50 cusstom states and then on each one show a different ’ list item #’ but I’d rather avoid this option.

I appreciate any input, Thanks!

Two custom states:

Currently displayed
Last displayed

@cmarchan I’ve just tried playing around with this a bit, but havent been able to work with it, could you please elaborate a bit more on your use case? Thanks!


You want to show the 1st item and after next is clicked to show the next item.

On each click of next, store the current value and the prior value. This way you can go back if needed and forward (next) from where you are now.

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