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Showing only current user data

My project is a market place where buyers can bid for a product. I want to be able to show a user how much they bid for the product.

My db setup is probably wrong but here’s it. I have a Product Listings data type and I’m that I have a field for bidders. And in the users data type I have a field for my bids.

Hi there, @kingalready13… I’m not sure I understand your post because you mention in the title showing only current user data, but then you say in the post you want to show a user how much they bid for a product. It’s not clear (to me, at least) what you are trying to do and what you are struggling with. That being said, the title of your post makes it sound like privacy rules could be tripping you up, and specifically this rule. So, it couldn’t hurt to check out that link, and if you need more help, consider sharing screenshots to clarify exactly what the issue is.


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Thanks Mike. I found a way