Sign up/Login Pop up Show Nested Options

So my sign up button shows the sign up form correctly when I click it.

My problem is when I try to click the “Log in” button, it keeps showing either a blank screen or the sign up form instead of my log in form.

Why isn’t the nested log in pop up not showing in my options in my workflow? The image below only displays the “sign up form” first but when I click into the form to create a new account it displays the log in form, but I don’t know how to make it show the “log in form” when I click my log in button

Screenshot 2023-05-06 at 12.26.17 AM

I would need more information to be able to help you troubleshoot this.

My guess here is that your Signup/Login for is using custom states to display either form.

I am also guessing that there is a default state which is why the Login form shows.

Your “Nested Popup” Is actually a single popup with two different groups in it. If you check the conditionals of the groups you may see something like “When Popup’s State is “Login” This element is visible”

Or if you don’t see anything, then that will need to be fixed.

Basically, depending on the button your user clicks, you want to change the state of the popup to either Signup or Login. Then the two groups in your popup appear or not depending on the state of the popup.

Here is a screenshot of something like this from my app.

To close the loop on this, when the user clicks the button, you should “Make changes to an element: Signup Pop > Set State > (whatever it is expecting”

So the signup/login pop up I am using is the default bubble template one you get from the components section.

So all I did was create a “sign up” button and a “log in” button.

When I add the “sign up” button to display the popup it shows the sign up form first, then I can click “already have an account” and it will switch to the log in form.

However, once I exit out and then try to click on the log in button to show the pop up is when my issue occurs and the “sign up” form shows instead of the log in.

When I try to create a new state for the sign up form with a yes/no value. Then I go into the conditionals and choose “this group” then “is visible”, after that it doesn’t show any option of “is yes” or “is no” based off this tutorial i watched here Custom states - Bubble Docs at 2:20

Would it make sense to just recreate my own log in/sign up forms from scratch and just keep them in separate pop ups? because the template is confusing me at the moment

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