Sign-up / Login Template, Plug-in or external service

I’m looking for a Template, Plug-in or external service (that can integrate with Bubble) to automate the complexities of managing sign ups and logins via email/password (or password-less) and social media (FIDO) methods.

AND most importantly, manage the complexities when a User decides to change their authentication method or when an account has already been created for them but they are still signing up for the first time.

For example, Templates, Plug-ins or external services that cover (all) of these scenarios:

  • Pre-built pop-ups and flows for email/password sign-up, login and password change & reset
  • Handle Users (spontaneously) changing from email/password to Google or Facebook)
  • Handle Users who used Google or Facebook and who want to change to email/password
  • Handle Users signing up where another User has already created their account
  • Password-less options


There are some log in as a service companies you might want to check out

  • Clerk has hosted pages and which lets you implement Clerk Hosted Pages implement password-based, passwordless, or magic link-based authentication and then put those pages on your domain. Clerk also has a Bubble plugin

  • Feathery forms also has a signup/login form that could be embedded (you’ll also need to integrate with Stytch has a ton of other password options as well)

  • Propel auth might be another on to check out as well but will likely need to integrate through a custom plugin

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