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Prompting user to signup/login before performing an action

Hi there.
I’m building an application that will store mountaineering accidents.
In the home page I have a button that says “Enter a new accident”.
My goal is that only registered users will be able to enter new records.
So, if the user is not signed-up or logged-in, when he clicks the button, I’d like to prompt him with a message like “You have to login or signup to be able to enter a new accident”. Otherwise, if he’s already logged in, by clicking the button he will be brought to the proper page.

Any idea?
Many thanks in advance.

Yeah, just throw up the login/signup popup.

Hi Keith. How can I do that? I’ve tried using the workflow or the conditional…

See the samples I link to in this somewhat related response:

Got it. I’m gonna try. Thanks

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BTW, was not implying you should do the fake nav part, just that there’s a really simple example there in that Editor link!

I’ve tried but there something not working when the pop-up should show up. It’s bluring the screen but it doesn’t show up.

  1. I’ve cloned the sign-up/login form in a new reusable element
  2. I’'ve adjusted the height of the reusable, since the pop-up should show up at the height of the button clicked by the user (which is roughly y:1900)

3, I’ve inserted the new reusable into the page, by setting not visible on page load
4. I’ve created a workflow - when my button is clicked, if the user isn’t logged in, show the reusable pop-up

  1. When I try, everything is working except that it doesn’t show the pop-up (and it’s not visible in any other part of the page).

Bring it to front? :man_shrugging:

It’s crazy because it’s in the right place in the editor…

Is it in a reusable (like header or footer)… is the header/footer behind the page? If it’s in a reusable, bring the reusable to front and then bring this element to front. It’s gotta be some stupid something like that.

(Similarly, if your login dialog elements are in a group that is in the popup element, make sure you’re bringing the group and the popup to front. [Click an item, bring to front, select its parent (using right-click select parent) bring that to front, etc.])… Either that or your are showing/hiding the wrong thing. (It happens…)

Solved. I forgot to set the state before showing the form up. Many thanks for your support btw