[PRICING] $10 per 10 GB per month, plus $30 per unit per month

Would someone please elaborate on this pricing a little? Pricing sounds like it could get extremely expensive compared to DO, V, L, CW, GCP, AWS, and others. Sure with those you have to maintain the instance, but you’re still coming out way ahead compared to Bubble. Maybe I’m missing something.

I’m currently torn between Bubble and another tool because of that pricing.

I understand Bubble has to make a profit to continue offering the platform, but there’s a monthly / annual fee too, unit fees, and $1 a Gig is high, even at half of that, it’s still higher than industry norms.

Maybe there’s some big discounts when you get to that point (ie 1000 GB, 3000 GB, etc). I don’t know.

Any input is appreciated.