Signup a user from the back-end

hello is it possible you signup a user directly from the database without creating a signup page?

Yes it is

Yeah. Kinda. You can create a User in the User table and the use ‘run as…’ from there.

Or run something to set temp.passwords.

so in other words you cannot provide a password for the user to use regularly ? and the most optimal way is to create a sign up page?

can you show me an alternative apart from what @NigelG stated?

An alternative to what? And why?

What exactly are you trying to do that the standard method of doing this is no good for you?

I am trying to create entries for specific users its not for the public usage so i want to know if it was possible to generate login credentials without the standard method.

Yes you can. You can create a full blown user.

can you explain in details please?

Use the ‘Create an account for someone else’ action (that’s what it’s for)

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