Suggestion to create new user

Hi, I would like to create a simple system to enter new users into the database. Let me explain in more detail.
I, as an administrator, want to create 10 new users without going through the internal bubble database to be faster. Then I create a simple page with :

  • email input
  • name input
  • age input
  • button
    This button should saves the data and to create a new user, but it is not possible.
    Do you know a method to create it?
    My goal is to create a USER table in the database with 10 users set by me with email, name, age. Then, at a later time, the user can sign up with the same email entered in the database and continue to fill in the other fields related to their account.

I hope this is clear, waiting for answers, suggestions or tricks :slight_smile:

Thank you very much,


Hi there, @elisabetta.colamarti… if I understand your post correctly, the Create an account for someone else workflow action should be what you need, so check it out.


Thank you!! Great and easy solution! This workflow had missed !! :wink:

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In my case I would like to avoid having a signup form on my website.
As the owner/developer of the bubble app, I would like to be able to create a user directly in the User Database by setting a password.
Isn’t it possible ?

We want to create user account by ourself.
Even if I build an admin page for that, I need to protect it.
To protect it, I need an admin user.
But then, how do you create this admin user if you can’t create it directly in the backend ?

I don’t want at all any signup form on my website.

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