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Signup/login (page) doesn't display


I’ve asked this question before, but I couldn’t solve it, so I started over with a new app.

Now it happens again: When I click “Host an event” on my app - the signup/login page is supposed to show, but it doesn’t.

I’ve created 3 different PAGES with signup/login - so it’s not really a popup! I don’t know if this is a bad way to handle login/signup? But I did it to find a way to lead the two kinds of users to different pages once they have signed up.

I share this link to the app:

Is this the right way to share a link to get help?

Thank you for your time.

Keep the Signup/Login/Logout controls in a header and simply put that header on all your pages.

The Login/Signup popup is a re-usable element that you can place onto the header page. This makes it visible to the application wherever the header is used.

I think this is covered in one of the Lessons.

Thank you Dave!

But first of all I want the signup/login to display when I click the buttom “host an event” - (just like it does, when I click the buttom next to it: “Signup/Login”… How do I fix it??

The reason why I made different pages is - that I want the two kinds of users to be directed to different pages. Can I handle that in a header?
I mean on my index page, when one

  • enters a city name - clicks “search” =) login/sign up on my page “logsign_girl” … thereafter go to page: “find event”.

  • clicks “host an event” =) that will trigger that the host will have to signup or login on the page “logsign_host” =) I navigate him to …go to page “post event”.

Of course I want the smartest way to handle it - so if you have an idea - I would be thankful.

Just add a workflow on the button click event to show element and select the sign in/login popup.

Hi Dave,
It is not a popup - but a page with the login and signup group form … it simply doesn’t show on the page.

Thank you for your time!
I will open it up so you can edit - for a little while :slight_smile:


couple of things,

  1. You do not need to Send “Current User” as data. This is inherent to the application and visible everywhere.

  2. The Sign Up Group has conditionals that depends on the the value of a mode. You need to set this. You should probably pass this in a URL parameter. At the moment, you are not setting it, so the page doesn’t know what it needs to show.

I think you are over complicating things, and can probably tidy it up/simplify using popups and headers properly.

I have changed a couple of things:

  1. On index page, if you click host an event and not signed in, it send mode=signup via url.
  2. on the sign up page, page load it gets the url value and set it to the group form custom state mode.

That should help you get going!

THANK YOU so much!!
It was interesting to follow your “pen” - when you edited it…
I really appreciate it - and yes, I’m sure I’ve made it too complicated. I was just glad that it worked, but I’ll have to simplify it. One question: What is url? “pass it in a URL parameter” What do you mean by value of a “mode”. Sorry!

I think you really need to watch each of the lessons videos, it explains these basics quite well.

URL is the website address and you can pass parameters to pages via the url.

mode is the name of a custom state that has been assigned to one of the elements on the page, The Signup form was using the value of mode being “signup” to show the signup form.

When the host an event was clicked on the index page, it passes the value of mode in the address. the receiving page on load, is taking this url parameter and using it to set the value of the custom state.

Hope that explains it well enough.