How do I allow Log-In (ONLY) when the confirmation email link was clicked?

How do I allow Log-In (ONLY) when the confirmation email link was clicked?

Thanks for any guidance.



Hi @WilliaC :slight_smile: I haven’t tested this myself, but I think you would need to create two workflows for the login button. One for a confirmed email, and one for an unconfirmed email.

If the email was confirmed, you would log the User in (shown below).

If the email was not confirmed, you could display a popup to the User about this, with an option to resend the confirmation email.


Hello @fayewatson

I was stuck on another feature and finally got around to trying this out.

This works like a charm!

Thank you so very much for taking out the time to advise me and in such great detail!


Awesome! :blush: My pleasure, @WilliaC! Glad it’s working as you need it to!

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I have done everything in your example but it still won’t work. I see that you created 2 workflows for 1 button. I know you can do step 1, step 2, etc. but it appears that your’s are completely independent. Is that the case because mine doesn’t work???

Thank you!

One of the workflows has an “Only When” condition applied, that’s how you can do it. It’s pretty powerful!

@mgray Can you share a link to your app editor (or a screenshot of the workflows)? :slight_smile: It is definitely possible to set up using one workflow, with two steps, and adding the conditions to each step. If it’s not working as expected, it may be because of the way the actions’ ‘only when’ conditions are set up - happy to take a look!

Hello Faye,

For the employee sign up I have used “send an email to confirm the email”
This works and employees can sign up and have to verify their emailaccount…

But now I also want them to login ONLY WHEN they verified their account…
I used your example but I don’t know how to create the popup “RESEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL”

How do you do this? Can you please help me
Below you can find a link to the app.

Thanks in advance for your help !!

Hello Fayewatson,

I followed each steps of your workflow and it actually works well but there is one problem. When I put an email that doesn’t exist the system message from Bubble “Sorry, we could not find a user with email” doesn’t appear. Why ? Do you have an explanation ? I’m stuck with this problem.

When <Button Login is clicked and email confirmed is “no”>, the popup appear whatever the email exist or not.

Thanks for any guidance.

P.S. I’m a French Beginner

I have this same problem! Did you ever figure it out? @mehdi.boulainine

@jessica2 @mehdi.boulainine @fayewatson

I’ve figured it out but not sure if that’s what you want.

For workflow with email conformation set at “no”, you still need “Log user in” as part of the workflow. That’s the workflow which will verify the input email with the user database. Without that workflow, the input email will not be match against the user data table and hence it will simply let him go.

Here’s a screen shot of what you supposed to have:

Hope this helps!

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