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Email verification & log in using hidden "email confirmed" field

Hello there!

I’m aware this subject was covered in other threads but your help would be really appreciated.

In my app I’d like to verify if a user clicked a link they received while signing up. This works well and was easy to set up.

Now, my login workflow starts with this step:


As you can see I’m trying to enforce checking if email confirmed like with “only when …” but when this is set up like this, I cannot log in as a new user at all, despite clicking the link.

I suspect I’m doing something fundamentally wrong here. I’m a noob. Question is what is wrong?


EDIT: This How to custom validate a new user email is a very neat solution but I hoped to use the built-in feature.

Hi @tommyboy6000, I am afraid that the condition can not be verified until the user is actually logged in and this is preventing the user to log in (funny, ah!). Maybe you should let the user in and then manage conditions (like if email is not verified go to page verify email).

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thanks @stefanof, I managed to make it work, really appreciate your help!

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