Users without confirmed email versus those with it

Hello all,

I just implemented the Send confirmation email in my user sign-up form.
It works, but for users that did not have the Confirmation email before I implemented this, the Confirmed email in the user table will not be set to Yes. My new workflow is now checking if the user confirmed the email and it works for new users. However, it will not work for “older” users because they did not have to confirm the email.

Because of that, old users are no longer able to access their account; I now have a workflow condition verifying that the email was confirmed.

Is there a way to set the “hidden” email confirmed to YES for all current (“old”) users?


Sure. Set up a recursive workflow finding all users created before [date] and modify their “verified” to yes.

The workflow would look like this:

Run only if do a search for users [created before date] where also those users verified = no: count > 0

That part checks to see if there are any users created before that date that also have a verified of no we do this so the workflow knows when to stop running. (When there are zero users remaining in that criteria)

Second part of the workflow is to modify data.
Do a search for users……(same as above, except at the end rather than “count” do first item)’s verified to yes.

Third part is to run the same workflow again. Schedule workflow current date/time + 3 seconds.

Hope that makes sense!

Thanks Josh. I am trying to implement this now.

I am trying to implement it, but no success. I don’t see where I can change the value of email confirmed field?

You can’t manually change that field - it can only be changed by a User clicking the link in the email to confirm…

I guess you have two option to solve your problem…

  1. just set up a workflow so that all the ‘old users’ are sent the email confirmation email when they next attempt to login, and will then be required to confirm their email…

  2. Use a date field on the User datatype (for example the User Created Date) as an additional condition in your workflows to decide whether or not the User must have confirmed their email address.

e.g. if the User’s created date > cut-off date then they’ll have to have a confirmed email address for the workflow to run.

And if not, then they won’t.

Super! That makes a lot of sense. I could see a security issue should I or any of my developers could change user data that simply.


IT works perfectly. Since I don’t yet have a strong user base, it went very well. I explained to my users why I am adding that level of security.

Thanks again Adam.

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Hi - we’ve just shipped a feature that allows you to confirm users’ emails without having to send them an email! Learn more here: Retrieve email confirmation token without sending email