Simple Data Aggregations

Hi All, I am new to bubble and come from an OOP ,C++,VB, Oracle background.
I have started looking at Bubble for its rapid dev features. I am however finding it difficult and uninyuitive to do the simplest things.

For example, I have a data table which has an INDEX column and a VALUE column both contain decimal numbers. All I want to do is list a finite number of ranges of INDEX (e.g 0-1,1-3,3-4… ) and sum value OR count …

1.5 100
2.2 30
2.6 20


0-1 0 0
1-2 1 100
2-3 2 50

Ideally I want to work with one Repeating group and create another with the results.

I am unable to create the aggregations or have a clue how I would write data to the results table i created. I am finding it too difficult for what is meant to be a simple and quick package, apart from the forums I can find no useful documentation.

Is there anything out there that goes through examples of ways to do things?

I have found a way, but I have to line up and use numerous repeating groups for different groups and aggregations, I guess there is an easier way !

Could you share your example? This sounds like an interesting challenge!

Hey @forsdyke.montague

I got curious (again) and reproduced your use case with the values you provided:

Hope that helps!

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Sorry I didnt see these replies, many thanks, very kind of you ! I didn’t explain this very well.

The real world application will list some shops and I require the following output:-

Shop___________________Date1-Date2_____________Date3-Date4… etc
----------------------------Sum Amount___________Sum Amount

(sorry about the format)

My solution is to have a number of repeating groups next to each other with different queries based on the date criteria and grouping on “shop”. This works as long as there are values for each date criteria for each shop.

To effect this, I have 3 Repeating Groups the first lists the shops, the second date1-date2 and the third, date3-date4. I would rather have a “grid” where I can populate data with multiple queries. As this appears not possible, I need the three repeating groups each with one query.

The problem, id Barons has no amounts in the range Date1-Date2, then the value for Jesops of 60,000 will show against Barons ! I have "fixed this by entering zero values against Barons artificially but it is a poor solution.

I hope this is clear!