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Simple Data Aggregations

Hi All, I am new to bubble and come from an OOP ,C++,VB, Oracle background.
I have started looking at Bubble for its rapid dev features. I am however finding it difficult and uninyuitive to do the simplest things.

For example, I have a data table which has an INDEX column and a VALUE column both contain decimal numbers. All I want to do is list a finite number of ranges of INDEX (e.g 0-1,1-3,3-4… ) and sum value OR count …

1.5 100
2.2 30
2.6 20


0-1 0 0
1-2 1 100
2-3 2 50

Ideally I want to work with one Repeating group and create another with the results.

I am unable to create the aggregations or have a clue how I would write data to the results table i created. I am finding it too difficult for what is meant to be a simple and quick package, apart from the forums I can find no useful documentation.

Is there anything out there that goes through examples of ways to do things?