Native app ( Do i need a new landing page)

Hello Friends,
While building a native app using bubble, and trying to create a landing page for this app, do we need a separate project in bubble for a landing page, or is there a way to create a landing page from this same native app project.

I kind of feel its possible, since the native app is constructed entirely on one page (index) and there could be a way to create a new page from this native app project for a landing page.

The landing page is just going to contain information about the app, and links to direct to the app and google store & may be if possible, password changing.

Please advise.
Thank you

Maybe create a new page and make it a copy of your current index page and then delete your current index page (make sure everything works first in the page you’ve just created)

Hope that made sense.

HI @Profamii
Thank you for your input. Now that you mentioned it, it seems possible to have a web page on just one account.
Thank you

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