Simple single page password protection

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I’m trying to add password protection to a single page. I want the user to enter a password (same password for every user), if password is correct then user can view page. Security isn’t important.

I have a popup displaying on page load with 1 input, password.

Is there an easy way to check the password? Or do I have to setup a user in the database?

How exactly would I do this?

I’ve only worked with Wordpress/Elementor and there’s a checkbox on each page to set password protection. Is there something like this on bubble?


If security really isn’t important, place a group called ‘var - password’ of type text and set the data source to be the ‘correct’ password. Have an input to enter the password. When user clicks enter, if input password’s value is var - password’s text’s value, close the popup and show the page.

This really isn’t secure though:

  • popup can be hidden with inspect element
  • var - password’s text is technically accessible to the client

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