Simple Slider Input Plugin [Plugin Update] πŸš€

I recently acquired ownership of the Simple Slider Input plugin from @theunsolver

The plugin has been upgraded to work with the new responsive engine and I plan to continue to build on @theunsolver 's great work :slight_smile:

For support queries, you can ask me a question here or email

Examples of what you can do with the plugin:

Customise the height of the slider bar

2023-04-01 12.54.05

Change the color of the thumb

2023-04-01 12.55.55

Customise the height and width of the thumb

2023-04-01 13.00.59

Reset the slider back to it’s default value using a workflow action

2023-04-01 11.07.14

Use the Sliders dynamic value in other elements (EG the text to the right of the slider below)

2023-04-01 10.53.15

Customise the color of the filled/empty areas

2023-04-01 12.52.13