Simple,yet not that simple things

Hello, I’m trying to do 2 simple things, but can’t find how to do it :open_mouth:0

First thing: My API endpoint receives data and I’m creating new data type with a field

“DataNumber” - it comes like this zer.123124124, but I need to add it in the database like this - 123124124

So I need to remove the first 4 letters of it, and right now can’t understand how.

Second thing - I want to filter my RG by field from another data type.

I have data type Character and Messages.

RG data type - Character, I need to filter it based in Messages’ field read - it’s yes/no field.

Character has field messages which is a list of messages
Messages have field Character

Any help appreciated.

For the second one’s data source for characters, I believe you should be able to use filtered, advanced filter and then you will have access to Messages read = “yes”.

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I used Advanced: Search for characters’s messages’s read is “yes” count: >0
and it shows empty RG

you should’t need the count>0

For the first issue you’re having, if the DataNumber you receive is always the same number of characters, you can use the :truncated from end to X number of characters

In your example you have 9 characters after “zer.”, you could then do ‘Value:truncated from end to 9’

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I thought about that but unfortunatly it’s can be 9 or 10 or 11 number of characters.

Alright @sat_miha

Is it always “zer.” before the numbers?
If that’s the case you can use the :find and replace like the example below:

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Tried this one earlier but put one space in replace by and it didn’t worked, but tried right now without it and it worked.
Thank you!

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I can’t end it just with "is red “yes”, whole paramater turnes red

Can you share screenshot or link to ed?

it’s talents not characters

You’re not doing a “search for” in the advanced filter.
This is how it works in my world:
Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 4.20.50 PM

UserMatch = Character
MatchNumber = Message
Matchstatus = Read
affected = yes

Match number is a list of match numbers in UserMatch?

No. MatchNumber is a child of the parent UserMatch.

Can you send me the editor link?

Sorry @sat_miha. I’m happy to continue to help here. But not too keen on sharing my editor for privacy reasons.

Yeah sure.

My config looks like this.

So I have list of messages in talent.

filter still look like this.

can you share a screenshot of what the issue tracker is saying.

Wait, i see the problem.
You have your dux_soup_messages as a list in talent. You are not ever going to be able to filter on that. A list of anything is a really low functional feature and all this allows you to do is literally LIST what is in that field.

In order for you to do what you want you will have to create another table that links talent to messages.

like in talent create another field messages=messages?