Simplify repetitive process

Hey All!

I have a form on my app which calls the following workflows in the image
(2nd and 3rd)


Is there a way to create a function so I can pass these values in?

Or is there any creative way to avoid having to repeat this workflow process for each form component?


What exactly are you doing?

@adamhholmes I hope this makes sense - do you need more context?

As you can see I have many form components - I would need to create the same 2 workflows for each component. is there a way to streamline?

Why do you need to use show and hide actions? (you don’t)… just use conditions based on the custom state value.

Ok that may work.

But I have 10 form components. I would need to do this method for all 10 components? there’s no streamlined approach

I still don’t really understand what youre’ trying to do…

But if you’re asking whether you need to do the same thing 10 times, then answer is almost certainly ‘no’.

There is almost certainly a streamlined approach to what you’re trying to do (but I don’t know what you’re trying to do).

I have a form that makes an API call to generate data.

If the user wishes to edit that data they can.

Which is another API call to post the user input

By clicking on the edit button (which will display a different form)

Subsequently hitting save to post the input