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Just to preface, I’m kind of a noob as I recently started playing with Bubble about a month ago. So I’m trying to build a website for my dad’s auto shop and I’m just about done, but I need a way to connect his phone number to the page so that people can call by clicking on the number at the top of the screen and on various buttons. I believe the plug-in for this is twilio, but I really have no clue and can’t seem to find the question/video to explain it for me. Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to learning more : )

If they are using a mobile device you can put his number in a text element, and when clicked, start a workflow, -> navigate-> go to page (external) and put tel:"text element that contains number " and that will pull up the phone.

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I’m assuming I put the tel:"text element that contains number " in the destination portion of the workflow. It seems to disappear after I type that exact phrase in, any solutions for that? I also don’t see a “go to page (external)” option. Am I supposed to include the parentheses, do I put the actual phone number in place of the “number” in that phrase? Does this combo also work for buttons?

I see a “go to page” btw, just not an external added to that phrase

Im not in front of my computer but under your workflow you’ll have navigation- then a list, and there should be go to page, when you select the open external website(my apologies) you’ll have a checkbox for external destination. When that is checked it’ll give you an input to put your destination, you’ll type tel: and the phone number

So I went to both external and “go to page” and this is what I see, I don’t see the option you’re referring to. Is there a plug in I’m missing?

No, I told you wrong with the setup, there is a thread on here ill find for you.

I have it in use in one of my apps, ill pull it up and screen shot it for you.

@mikemarsack here you go, its using the link element do workflow.

Thank you, but for my scenario would I just type his shops phone number after tel: ? This is useful for apps with users, but this is a simple static website

Yep just put his number in there, or I think you might be able to choose this links value or something. If not just put his number there.

Hey I’m pretty sure it worked, thanks a ton! I wish you could add friends or something on here, make like a group me, or be able to hit people up directly. Regardless, I appreciate it
: )

You can bookmark this thread… hmm thats a good idea, maybe someone should make a bubble groupme app

Hey if you make it I want 50% equity haha

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