Since beta responsive where is cut off text

Hi Bubblers !

Since the update “responsive beta” i don’t see “Cut off content if the element is not tall enough”. Anyone knows what can replace it ?


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Just set a max height on the text element.

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Yes, i see it but there aren’t the dots “. . .”

looking forward to any new info on this - I also need to cut off text if it goes beyond the size, and have the ability to see the rest. :pray:

Pinging @nick.carroll for visibility

Yes, i see it but there aren’t the dots “. . .”

That’s strange…

The three dots appear for me the end of the text, just the same as they did on the old engine when using the old "Cut off content if the element is not tall enough” option.

Maybe post a screenshot of your layout settings so someone can see if there’s something you’re missing…

Hopefully when the New responsive engine is out of Beta we’ll be able to control ALL layout settings conditionally, so will be able to, for example, change the max height via a custom state when a ‘See More’ button is clicked.

For now though the best bet is to use two text elements - one with a max height, and one without, and use conditionals and custom states to show one whilst hiding the other.

whoops - I take that back - I just had to painstakingly record all the min and max heights and widths of all my nested groups and voila – text cut off and 3 dots. -I added a “more…” text element - and now exploring the best way to show the full description.
-GroupFocus - can I get that in a Repeating Group?
-Pop up?
working working working

I solved this problem as shown in the picture below. ( I added a new condition to the text element. )

And I tried this as I couldn’t solve clearly this problem with min and max height/width.



Did you find a solution for this ?

Thank you! So simple yet perfect for what I needed!

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when I set a max height the text dissapears once the screen gets smaller and it has to go to the next line

Hey fellow bubblers. I am having this same issue, and can’t get my text to display.

I have a fixed height set and when the text is too long it simply disappears. From my understanding it was supposed to just cut off?

Anyone know what I should do?

BTW, I can’t use the truncate work around in this case because it is a link. So I want the link to cut off after a certain width, and them still to be able to click it to go to the correct link.