Sing up breaks the app

I am building an app like slack? I have created a team functionality? where employees of the com[any can sign-up. But for some reason, when new user signs up all of other sessions, includiong those with different users resign up as this user, so all of the sesssions of my app are signed up on the last person to register, insted of users they have logged in.

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Your problem is probably step two here. Although, you aren’t showing a screenshot of it. If a new user is signing up, they probably need their own new team created. So nothing should be modified, it should be creating a new team and attaching it to the user.

Here is a video about how to have a multi-tenant app. It’s a paid app, so you have to have a membership to watch it: NoCodeMinute - eLearning Hub

Hope that helps a bit. :blush:

Here are the other screenshots? maybe someone willl understand the probem

The problem as I see it is that the problem you are facing isn’t clear (to me, at least). When you say…

… what does that mean? How does the problem manifest itself in the database and/or on the screen for the user who signed up and for existing users (screenshots or a video showing the problem would be great, by the way)? It looks like you have a pretty uninteresting signup workflow there, and after reading your post a few times, I still don’t understand what the problem is.

Ok sorry if I didn’t make it clear. a new user creates his account and then creates a team. They go to the index page with their account logged ( you can see on the left its written admin in black). then they invite an employee - let’s call him user. When the user signs up they’re redirected to same index page. On the secong image you can see hat the user account is now. However the page admin was written on turns to user and I can see that for some reason the same peson is registered in both windows, while i need for one to be admin and the other to be user. I tried making user the type of content of page index and I have also tried sending data about current user to that page. Nothing seems to help.

@mikeloc maybe he should be ‘signing up another user’ instead of ‘signing up’ himself again?

Tip: @makul2007 When you need to be logged in as two different users at the same time, use two different browsers or one as a private browser. You can’t really log into two different accounts from the same browser the way you are doing it.

Yup, I am wondering if it is as simple as that.

It looks like the poster just marked your post as the solution, @J805… good call. It’s so much easier once we know what the actual problem is. :slight_smile:

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