Single stripe coupon that lets all customers use it once

Stripe support can’t seem to help me out so I wonder if anyone else uses this type of setup.

I give all my users (potentially thousands of them) a one-time discount on my subscription. I want to use the same promo code and I’ve tried every combination of coupon settings in Stripe and nothing seems to work.

Either the coupon can be used multiple times by the same customer, or if I set it to ‘once’ it’ll only allow the coupon to be used once in total.

I must be missing something obviously but 4 people at Stripe have tried helping and they can’t figure it out either.

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Can’t you just use the ‘Eligible for First Time Orders Only’ option? Or are these existing customers you’re talking about?

In any case, you can just create an individual coupon for each customer, that can only be used once - store it on the User datatype - and attach a Coupon Code to it. I’ve never done this myself personally, but having taken a quick look at the docs, it should be fairly straight forward.

These are existing customers who might have subscribed before they were eligible for the free promo.

I wanted to avoid creating thousands of coupon codes, but I guess I could do that on demand and build a ‘start trial’ workflow on the users’ profile page.

I was hoping to get this to work in stripe as I’m using all of their reminder emails and customer portal but worst case, I’ll just bypass it entirely and add ‘trial’ fields to my users table.

Yeah, that’s what I’d do… just run a workflow anytime a User logs in to create a new single-use coupon, only if they don’t have already have one saved on the User account.

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