Need suggestion on how to build in workflow that allows people to enter a Stripe coupon for free access

I have the following plans available:

1 - a plan that is for a 1 time 24 hour access
2 - a plan that is for a 1 month reoccurring access
3 - a plan that is for a 1 year reoccurring access

I am using the Stripe API actions: (a) Subscribe the user to a plan for the monthly reoccurring and (b) Charge the current user for the 1 time 24hr pass.

I’d like to be able to give out coupons to friends and family to help test. I’ve created a 100% off coupon for the monthly plan. However, I’m not quite sure the right workflow to make this work. Ideally, it would be perfect to have a coupon field on this screen:


However, that doesnt seem possible. What can I do here? I dont want them to have to enter their credit card to get access. Ideally they would just enter a code and be given full access. Thanks for helping me think through this.

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