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Stripe Trial System


I am building a Saas app using Stripe to manage the subscriptions available in the platform with a 14 day trial. I have set up the trial in both the workflow (subscribe user to a plan) and the subscription options in my Stripe dashboard.

My problem is… how do a stop/limit users to one trial per card or billing email?
My current situation is that after trialing is over and the first billing month is over, users can cancel the subscription and when subscribed again (using same billing email) stripes labels them as trialing and does not make the charge.

Hey there @donfile322,

Is there not a setting in Stripe for this? You can also check if there’s a customer that exists with the current user’s email.

If there is not a setting in Stripe for this, you could setup a webhook notification for a user subscribing and run the actions in your app to check the users email address against your app data to check if they subscribed before and if so then run the API calls to cancel them and send them an email to the area of your app where they could subscribe with a need to pay.

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