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Singup a user with User Type by default

When a user Signs up I would like to set his/her type by default. Types are defined in another table which I created.

I created two tables and linked them but now I don’t know how to assign a default type when he/she signs up.

So I have these tables with the following fields


  • Name (text)
  • User types (User types)

User types:
-User type (text)
-Description (text)

The table “User types” contains the following rows:

  • Observer
  • Member
  • Investor
  • Pending
  • etc

to each record, I attached the description.

I want to make all new users by default “Observer” when they sign up. Then they may wish to pass KYC, so they will submit the KYC form and become “Pending”. And then when the manager checks their IDs, he manually changes the status to Member.

Why do I want to have a separate table for types of users? I want to have a page where users. will read descriptions to all types of users and may decide where they wanna go.

So how to automatically set value Observer from table User types when the user signs up?

I assume this will be similar when the user submits KYC form, he/she will change to “Pending”

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Hi there, @AlexKon… welcome to Bubble!

There are a number of ways to accomplish the design you have described, but in my opinion, one of the best ways would be to use an option set for your user types. Check out this post for lots of great information about options sets…

So, you would create an option set that looks like this…

Then, you would add a type field with a Field type of User Types (which is the name of the option set) to your Users table, and you would set the default for that field to Observer.

Now, when a user signs up, their type field will automatically be set to Observer.

With regard to the page where users will be able to read the descriptions of the user types so they can decide where they want to go, you would add a repeating group to that page and configure it like this…

Finally, you can use actions in your workflows to change a user’s type. For example, when a manager checks a user’s ID and wants to “promote” the user to Member, you might have a button for that…


When the button is clicked, it uses a workflow to change the user’s type field to Member

Hopefully I have understood your post correctly and my response will help you to get down a good path. Best of luck with your app!


Dear Mike,

Thanks a lot. It works!

I wonder, what was another way? I tried to do it through a normal bubble database. I do understand theoretically how relational db works, but I didn’t find a proper manual to do this in bubble.

Hey there, @AlexKon… happy to hear my suggestion worked out for you!

You could have used a table (which is the path you were headed down, I believe) or a custom type for your user types, but options sets were introduced by Bubble to “replace” those other paths when you have a static set of options such as your user types.

Again, happy to hear things worked out… best of luck!


Hi Alex,
I have created a tutorial for bubble on how to implement video KYC. You can find it here should you be interested in such a solution for your app.

Hello. If I have records in a data type, how do I allow only specific user type to view specific records?

Hi, @grace.hallak… I would probably go with adding a Viewable By field to the data type in question, and that field’s Field type would be your user type, and the field could be a list if a specific record should be able to be viewed by more than one user type.

With that setup in place, you would be able to compare a user’s user type to the Viewable By field on the records and only show the appropriate records to each user.

Hope this helps.


Hi, @mikeloc thanks for replying. Do you mind if I share with you the editor link so you can see what I did and understand my problem better? I can’t screenshot everything, too many things to capture

Thanks in advance!