Site data only loads when in Debug Mode

I just released an update and now data isn’t even showing up (it worked perfectly in development mode). I have an admin page that shows a list of all the orders in the database. Now it wont load anything, as if its not returning anything from the database, it’s completely empty. However when I view the page in debug mode, it loads all the data. I don’t think its a privacy setting, but I also don’t entirely understand how the privacy settings work. Any help would be much appreciated!

Are you sure there’s data in the Live database?

Hi guys, same exact issue over here, it’s definitely a site-wide bubble issue. I submitted a bug report:

Check out and compare it with and you get the same thing.

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We’re investigating now.

Wow thanks for the quick replies guys! I would have spent all night trying to figure it out.

Yes absolutely. Our site has been live for awhile and all the appropriate data was in the live database. It’s still there, it just doesn’t load the data unless debug mode is on.

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Just saw the status from Bubble. I hope the question didn’t offend your Bubble-Kung-Fu, it’s just been a common thread for my students!

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Everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks!

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