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Site NOT working right!


I just launched my site on friday! But I can see there are several things not working properly. I notice when I sign up, that I can’t see the menus and the data is not displaying correctly, affecting terribly the performance. :frowning:

And since this is my first time, I dont know what is the matter with it, and what is wrong, so I am completely lost to be honest.

Is like databases of development and deployed are mixed. I guess…

Please help! its already online but not working right!

Thanks in advance guys!

Like this we can’t really help. Best is to have a specific situation that shows a weird behavior and file a bug report at

Well, ok I can list what is wrong:

  • When user log in, the dynamic data related to the current user, is not displaying at all.

  • I see data from the development version on the live version. Like test users.

  • When logged in, header for logged in user is not visible.

As you can notice, its like I were on the version test. But Its actually the live version of the site.

I just wonder what might be the cause, so I can work on it.

have you set any privacy rules?

No. All types of data are set to be visible by everyone.

Can you publish your app (or just this portion of it) as a public app so that we can look at it and help you out?