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Sitebot - Chatbot for building personal websites

Hey everyone,

I have just launched “Sitebot” - - which is a FB-based Chatbot that allows you to build your own simple personal website by chatting. The personal websites can be used as “online Business Cards” or to have a simple online presence. The service is currently free to use and has been launched with 7 Templates. The created websites are all hosted on Bubble !
There are still a lot of improvements to be made, but I thought that it would be a good idea to launch early.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Very cool @nl.lorenz! The bot is super simple to use and makes it really easy for someone to create a site without needing any technical experience.

The only issue i could find is that it doesn’t send you the URL for the site. You only get a button in the chat which opens in a popup, at least when using a laptop.

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Thank you very much for your Feedback!
That’s a good idea, I will add that feature :+1:

Sitebot is on Product Hunt today!

Very cool. I love it. Was viewing on my mobile and found some responsive issues. On my dashboard aside the Dropdown the page was empty.

I have a question about the data collected and deleted. I asked it to delete all my data and right after I asked which data it had collected and all the data was still there.
I could still also access my site after deleting the data. So what actually gets deleted?

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Hey, thank you for your message and your feedback! I will take a look at the responsiveness issues.

Regarding the data: when you ask the chatbot to delete the data, only the data that the chatbot has saved about you will be deleted. The chatbot will still know your name, gender, fbid and language spoken as this is open information provided by facebook. To completetely leave the chatbot you have to type “unsubscribe”.

Furthermore you have to delete your user account using this link: (you have to be logged in to access this site)

I know that this is quite confusing :sweat_smile:. I am working on unifying all these steps into one !


How did you create the animated text? :smiley:

Using this Plugin :wink::

Hi, the link does not seem to be working