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Slick Slideshow Not Scrollable


I’ve built a repeating group feed, using the slick slideshow plugin for users who uploaded more than one photo.

The problem is that I cannot scroll down on the slideshow itself, only outside of it.

This will obviously be a frustrating UX issue for the user.
Is there a way/hack of manipulating the slideshow or is there another option of displaying multiple pictures I can use?


Hello @nicolus992 welcome to the community

Hey have you resolved it?

Select the page your slideshow is on and under the ‘Appearance’ tab, scroll down to the ‘page HTML editor’

paste this CSS code in there and you can now scroll up and down on the slide, while still being able to scroll left to right on the slide itself.

.slick-slider { touch-action: auto; -ms-touch-action: auto; }