Slick Slideshow prevents scrolling up on Android

I am using Slick Slideshow allow mobile users to swipe through product images. However Android users are unable to scroll up?

Has anyone overcome this challenge?


Only a year late to the party, but for anyone else, you can use this:

.slick-slider {
touch-action: auto;
-ms-touch-action: auto;


where do i add this css code?

wow!! I love this forum :heart_eyes:. This is awesome!

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Hey @lancegerarrd

I added a HTML element to the top of the page that my slideshow is on and pasted the css in:

.slick-slider {
touch-action: auto;
-ms-touch-action: auto;
margin-bottom: 0px;

You’ll need to add style tags around the css.

Probably not the only or best way to do it, but it worked for me!

If you have slideshows on multiple pages, you could try adding the css to the ‘Script/meta tags in header’ section under settings > seo/metatags


I already mentioned above that I got it. Thanks a lot @zack.strubel . ur a life saver


Great fix!

Thank you!
P.S. A 2019 post, with a 2020 answer, and 2023 appreciation haha

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Hi there, thank you for the info, although it doesn’t seem to work on mine. kind of new to this so it’s very likely that i’m doing something wrong.
i’ve added the css to the html element of the page, do i need to give a ID attribute to the slick slider element?
or do i need to change anything in the settings in order for bubble to prioritise these inputs?
Thank you

Thanks @zack.strubel, this worked!