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[Solved] Slidebarmenu Error running workflow

Slidebarmenu has been giving me an error for the last three days. Could you check and advise?

We don’t have enough information. A screenshot like this looks totally normal.

If you think it’s a bug, we need a detailed bug report. But why don’t you open your app first here and describe the issue?

How can a slidebar menu have an error?

Hi @emmanuel @Kfawcett, Its very simple. Any time i try to run a slidebarmenu workflow, i am getting an error message “When slidebarmenu A had an error running a workflow” (as indicated on above attached screenshot). I have tried to run slidebarmenu workflow on different apps and I am getting same problem.

Here is a link to on of the test apps…

Hi @timothymugendi I just set up two new workflows in your app for the slidebar. I think the reason it wasn’t navigating to different pages is because neither workflows were set up to do anything when a Slidebar option ‘is clicked’. When you would like something to happen when a slidebar option is clicked, such as go to a page (For example: When Slidebar’s Option ‘Error’ is clicked, navigate to the ‘404’ page), you would set that up in this way:

In the workflow, select:

And in the “and when” space, you would set up:

Then you would select:
Navigate --> Go to Page --> 404

I just added the second one for password and they are working. :slight_smile:

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You are right @fayewatson. I was trying to use the method described by on this thread Link pages in slidebar menu and I was using it incorrectly.

I was using the Edit/start workflow to trigger a workflow and that is what was giving me an error. I noticed @emmanuel was not very amused because I booked it under bugs. :wink:

Thanks a lot.