Slow server side actions

Hi there,

I’m developing a plugin where I make a simple get call to a server. Because of certain circumstances this call cannot happen client-side. That is why I have opted to go for a server side action using a certain node module for authentication ( TOTP token).

This simple get call can sometimes take up to 1.5 seconds. Which is alot when I might have to do several after eachother.

Now is my question if it is possible to speed this call up and why is it even this slow in the first place? Have I configured something wrong or is it the plan that I’m on?

Would love to hear you guys’s feedback!

You haven’t done anything wrong. The delay has to do with the way bubble app servers are configured. The server “sleeps” when not in use.

It take around a second to wake it up. The rest of the delay is processing and transmission times.


Thanks for the insight, wasn’t aware of this. Is it possible to wake the server up a bit before my call?
Since The user might not make his call instantly on arriving on the page it might make sense to give the server a bit of time to warm up :smile:

Is this something that is possible with for example an invisible call to the server before the actual api call?

Sounds like it’s worth trying out!