Slow speed - is it just me?

Is anyone else having some slow load speed today or errors more than usual - or is it just me? Thanks!


Hey there @oiplive,

Are you talking about the editor or production apps? Production looks fine to me, so does the editor



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Definitely looks a tad slower than production for me, but that’s expected when updates are made they need to be cached

version-test is extremely slow for me today as well. And I am getting a cloudflare error page intermittently

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Okay yeah it just seems to be slower then usual, so was wondering if it was a change I made or on bubble side, I know bubble is doing some miniatous today later on so IDK, thank you!

Yeah, I’d imagine Bubble. It does seem noticeably a tad bit slower than usual, but not getting any errors or anything

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Same. Okay that is good news I thought it may be b/c of changes I made or smth so maybe not! Thank you!


Also, just a heads up:

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Yeah, maybe they are making some changes for tonight :man_shrugging:

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