Setting up SMTP via Sendgrid

Does anyone know how to do this? I need users to be able to transact with each other through their emails. I believe this is the correct method unless someone has a better suggestion.

I have everything ready to go in Sendgrid but I have no idea how to actually implement SMTP in Bubble.

Bubble is built-in compatible with Sendgrid. All you need to do is place your Sendgrid API keys in your Bubble application. Check out the following documentation for more information:


Thanks for the reply. But that’s not quite what I had in mind. Bubble’s Sendgrid solution isn’t set up for unique senders using SMTP. The goal here is to let users email each other back and forth, using their email addresses and filling in dynamic fields using an email workflow. Bubble only allows a “to” (recipient), not a “from” (sender).

Ah… you might want to check out @copilot’s Sendgrid plugin which allows you to add a “From” email address. Here’s the link: SendGrid Plugin | Bubble

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Thanks again for the reply @johnny

Unfortunately, that only works for authenticated senders in Sendgrid, and isn’t set up for SMTP. I’ve been test driving different options for a few days and that was one of them.

Hmm… when I was using Sendgrid the usage of the “From Email” field using a user’s email address worked.


Interesting. Just to test it, since I still have it installed, I tried using different “from” email addresses and it didn’t work.

No errors are thrown. But the emails aren’t sending. I just assumed it was because of the requirement to white label all senders. I even verified Sendgrid with my domain but that’s only for emails tied directly to the domain.

The emails do send when I use verified sender emails in Sendgrid, however.

Weird… hmm. Not sure, gonna leave it to another bubbler.

Hey all,

SendGrid’s deliverability rating has been largely-challenged over the past few months resulting in the lack of ease using some features like customizable “From” addresses. You’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate Sender Verification settings in order to take advantage of more configurations and improved deliverability. :slight_smile:

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