Social logins stopped working?

Hi! Today, suddenly, all my social logins (through Bubble’s plugins) stopped working:

  • LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram “look like” logging in (they even go through the e.g. LinkedIn page where you enter your pass), but nothin happens (the user is not logged in.
  • Facebook logs in, but when coming back from the login on Facebook to the app again, there’s the typical error:

Is anybody else experiencing this issue? Thanks!

Im only using lInkedin. Works just dandy. Just checked

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Hi Ashton Kutcher,

You should message the support team

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Thanks, guys. It seems like I had an issue with the time between logging in and the moment in which I start saving things on the database for that recently logged-in user. I’ve encapsulated the modification actions inside an API workflow and I’ve scheduled this workflow 5 seconds in the future. Like that, it looks like things work well. Thank you @Bubbleboy and @nocodeventure!