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Social Media Marketer Recommendations?

My app is live, here,

and I need a growth marketer to bring users to it. 100% user generated content, 100% built in user virality.

Equity based on performance. Anyone here know of anyone with good results in the B2C space?

is this a joke?

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I run a digital marketing company, We do Social media, SEO, Adwords, and much more

Send me a message we can discuss your goals and app

I think they want to pay you with equity :slight_smile:

Simply put…I’m very confused by this post.

Simply asked, what, specifically, confuses you?

Initially, yes.

Just spam this on Reddit. They are into cats.


Is this a serious or just a jokey type post?

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Please never take this post down. :smile:


I’m seeing lots of non-cat pictures. You need a “not cat” algorithm to ensure only cats are added.


Yeah, that’s on my to do list.

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My advice is to let someone work on your design first :wink: No offense, but your main page needs to be active in order to attract clients.


Would you care to share your vision for this product? Are you looking to collect emails and then sell them cat products? Do you think this will become viral on Cat-Love alone?

I don’t know anything about cat lovers (I assume your target audience), so I won’t criticize your work. But I know for other markets you will need a more professional presence. If that is the case, you will need help with this aspect.

…huge curiosity you have awaken with this post… enjoyed all the comments…

The best,