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Solution for external database


As you all know bubble database has only 200 records.
Could you please recommend the best solution to have bigger database for my app?

What do you think about MySQL database on Google Cloud or Linode?

You could pay for the personal plan?

Yes I can but it is still too small amount of records. So I need to work on external database. Could you please recommend some?

Really ? I have not found any particular limit to the number of rows on any app on the Personal plan. And I have some with millions.

Maybe have a look at it is very fast with Bubble.

@NigelG you make me confused :wink:

I see that personal plan has basic capacity. It is 200 records. Am I right?

Best/ convenient solution is to upgrade your plan. There’s actually no particular limit to the number of records/ entries in the Personal, Professional & Production Plan by Bubble.

That is the free plan. The lowest tier of paid plans is “unlimited”.

Hey @NigelG,

Is Xano faster than the Bubble database? I was checking it out.