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[Solved] Add multiple RG items to 'thing' not list


I have 1 RG with nested RGs within. So:




I want to click a button so that all the sub-types (i.e. in the case of ‘Cars’, this would mean Acura, Buick, Ford) into the Bubble DB – each item with its own entry. I DON’T want Acura, Buick, Ford, to appear on some list; I need them to appear in the DB as separate items, item#1 = Acura, item#2 - Buick, etc.

How do I do that?

I recognize that this is a question that has been asked in many different forms - usually in regard to enabling ‘loops’ – but I have not seen any solutions yet.

all I want to do is ‘count’ how many items are on the list and have the workflow run that many times, in relation to each consecutive item. Yes, that could be a loop but with constraints, or it could be a dynamic input [how many times do you want to run this] and force that number to be based on something in the app (like an RG) to make it less open to abuse.

Or, better yet - why not allow a choice in the editor when dealing with multiple items – a choice to deal with the items as a ‘list’, or as ‘separate items’? This would solve SOOOO many problems. What if you let people do this:

But instead of making people select item #1, item #2, item #3, as my workflow does… for all possible items… let people check a box that said, “DO THIS FOR ALL ITEMS”.


Any other solutions?

Thank you,

Doing things on a list can take the servers down if users do something fishy (which happens often…). We have an action that has a delay between each entry that protects us for this, you can use it, but it won’t be immediate.

That’s great, and thanks for replying quickly. But I don’t think it addresses my problem. My problem is not that I want to use delays, my problem is that I need to get multiple items from an RG into a DB as separate items and not as a list.

Back to the main problem I have – what if you let us select ‘do this for all items’ but forced us to choose a delay between items? Example: Press Button --> Create a New Order —> product-regs=item [Checkbox: SELECT ALL ITEMS ON LIST] WITH X SECOND DELAY (SET TO 1 SECOND DEFAULT)].

Just make Bubblers pick a delay and set the default to 1 second (and let them change it to more if they want).



PS - I am open to other solutions. I just can’t figure out how to do this in a way that is not super-hacky - so hacky it isn’t viable. I notice there are lots of people trying (and failing) to do the same thing in the forum - maybe we can come up with a solution?


You can schedule an API on a list, and create a thing for each instance of the API running.

Thank you Nigel.

I did see this in the documentation. But I don’t want to do it via the API for various reasons. I am hoping there is a less roundabout approach.

@Emmanuel, what about the suggestions above? Or do you have another suggestion?


If it’s operation on a list it has to be via an API workflow.

Ok - would be really useful if we could Create New Thing for each item in an RG en masse without using the API so perhaps you will consider enabling that.

Anyway, thanks for the information.