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Tutorial: scrolling. with a little bit of Javascript. (How to enhance Bubble)

Hello guys

You have FEAR of coding? me too.
but the truth is, the more code you dominate, the less dependant you are when you reach bubble’s bubble.

What about starting with 1 single line of Javascript? I, promise, its easy.

In this video I teach how to scroll to a “dynamic value” position, since the native scroll from Bubble they forgot to (like they forgot to add a dark mode in here, geez).

The same principles can be used to:

  • print a page
  • send a input to a value
  • go Fullscreen
    *Create your own plugins and sell them
    *whatever else you find on

any questions pls ask. (not native speaker, sorry).


very helpful thanks bro

Yeah for sure, Bubble really shines as a “low code” tool rather than no-code.


Thank you @Thiago! Very helpful!
This encourages Bubble users to do more with Bubble using the Low Code components.