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[SOLVED] How to add constraint in repeating group when pulling from external API?


I’ve been able to successfully put a constraint on what the repeating group shows when the repeating group’s data source is data from Bubble’s data tab.

Example: 2 main elements: input bar and repeating group. If it’s a restaurant directory, and someone types in Vietnamese, I’ve successfully put a constraint on the repeating group so that the repeating group only shows the value of the input bar…and it doesn’t show italian food.

However, when I try to do the same thing but the only change is that the data is in an external API (Google Sheets/Blockspring), Bubble doesn’t allow you to put constraints on the “Read Worksheet” like you can when you do a "Search For "…

Is there a way to put constraints on a repeating group when using data from an external API similar to if you’re using data from the data tab on bubble?

Link - External API:

Link - Successfully completed with data from Bubble tab:

Thanks so much,

The filtered option is what you’re looking for. Look for it in the drop downs after the ‘Get data from API’ option.

Perfect. Thanks Emmanuel. Very impressed with the platform by the way.