Auto binding text

I’m trying to autobiding a text and I’m getting the message: The parent element and the page have not type of content or is not modifiable.

The structure I’m working is in the data type ‘Menu Item’ with the following fields:
Category - text
Sub Category - text
Price - Number
Item_Name - text
Dietary Restrictions - List of Texts

I’m using a repeating group of the type ‘Menu_Item’. For each cell I included an input for Category, Sub Category, Price and Item_Name. All good here. For the Dieraty Restrictions I included another Repeating group in the cell, of the type ‘Text’, and the source is the current Cell - Dietary Restrictions. And then I included an input for the current cell’s text. At this input, I get the message of the auto-biding. See below.

I dont understand what’s the difference here. I checked the privacy and this field is enabled to be modified as all others.

It’s telling what the issue is right there…

i.e. the parent group doesn’t have a content-type.

So just set the parent group’s content type to the thing you’re trying to autobind (that’s how autobinding works).

note: you can’t autobind to a type Text… only to a Thing from the database.

so what you are saying that in my case it’s not possible to achieve what I’m trying?
because Dietary Restrictions is the only field that is a list of texts. All the others are texts. If the cell of the repeating groups above is Menu_Item, I’m set with all the other inputs, because they are single field of the current cell. But dietary restictions is not a list, so, to display all the possible texts in this lists I need a a repeating group inside this current cell, and the type of this repeating group has to be “Text” since Dietary Restriction is not a type, but just a field of the type text.