SOLVED-CVS with nested table

Hi Bubblies

I’m aware there is a fair bit in the forum on this but still i’m finding it really hard to achieve.

All i’m wanting to do is download a CVS file which has data from a table but also include a nested table in the same CVS. ( I do not really want to display it in a repeating group i just want it to download from a click of a button.

I have used ‘’Download CSV from Repeating Group’’ from Air Dev but it is really buggy so up have given up.

As anyone had any experience with this on the best way to achieve this problem?

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Hi Tim,

A CSV file content columns. When using manual or download CSV action, it ask for columns. Unless I’m missing something, there’s no ‘nested’ in a CSV ( a comma-separated values ( CSV ) file is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values).


Thanks for your reply. I see, so basically it not possible?

let’s say a user wants to download a list if users to a CVS file and in the user thing there is an linked thing , lets call it location and in that location thing there more fields.
Essentially your saying there is no way of downloading the linked location fields into the same user CVS file?

Sorry if it made things confusing.

Thanks, John

If I’m understanding correctly, sounds like you’d have to have the linked item stored in the user thing to make it available to download in the same csv file. Of course that may not be what you want as it would have a duplicate. The “location” stored in the location thing, and the locations linked items in the user thing. That would be the only way I can think of doing such.

I on occasion will do this (not for csv tho)

When item is created or modified, store in “thing 1” & make changes or create in “thing 2”.

@timgarrett111 The work around will be creating in your user thing all necessary extra fields you need (duplicate). Then you export all info from one table (user). At the import (upload term in Bubble), it will filled user fields and you can make some workflows to adjust to the link thing field after. Hope it help.

@lantzgould @JohnMark

Thanks Gents! I’ll try and pull it all into one table.


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