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[Solved] Deployment and version control

Really? If I have, say, a field to hold a number for a user (credits for payment) and I want each user to start out with 50 credits. If I set that default field to = 50 in dev, and I deploy, that value doesn’t transfer to live? It’s considered test data?

For what I understand at this level, both DATA are completely separated. If you make any change in Development data, it will not refresh to Live data, unless you execute the 3 steps I explained above and be sure to have your data updated. Making backup of your data at 3am, apply the change and push data to Live :slight_smile:
Only the data-structure is copied during a ‘Deployment and version control’. If you erase some data-fields in Deployment, it can impact the flow of your Live version once copied.

Hi @emmanuel, we push to Live soon. What is the procedure to update the database to Live, once the app is Live and when we add or remove fields (database) in Development? Do we have to work in Live also to update the database?

You only modify the dev version, and push to live when you want new functionality to be live.

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Does that imply that all data stored only in live version will be removed?

No, deploying to live has no impact on the data. What removes the data is copy the database, and we give quite a few warnings about that when you do it…

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revised… My confusion…

@JohnM The database structure is copied when you push DEV to LIVE, but the data in the database is not.

So if you added a new field called ‘Address’ in your User data type, and put “123 Sesame St.” in there. The field ‘Address’ would move to your Live database, but not “123 Sesame St.”.

When I made some test, I didn’t refresh (F5) the screen (Safari at least) … so data to LIVE was not update… so the assumption of update FIELD synchronized was not done…
VERY IMPORTANT when passing from DEV to LIVE : Refresh Screen :wink: Thanks by the way.