[Solved] Elements Tree freezing

I’ve had this issue all day today, using different browsers:

The elements tree in the editor freezes up. I have to collapse the tree and expand it to be able to select an item. When I press “Reveal in Elements Tree” from the element inspector, nothing happens. I have to collapse the tree and expand it again, and then the element becomes visible and selectable.

@emasl I had the same issue a few times today but couldn’t reproduce it consistently (sometimes reveal in elements tree brought me to the element, sometimes it didn’t). I think it’s a bug too!

I thought it was just me :slight_smile:

Have had the “Reveal In Element Tree” not working a few times. But not able to recreate at all.

I’m experiencing the same issue! It has been happening for a few days but seems to have gotten worse for me. I’m not able to restart Chrome or click a bunch to get the elements tree to un-freeze.

Same here, this usually happens when you are in the live editor, and you try to edit something, you get the error that you are in the live editor, but when you swap to dev version, when you select some element or workflow the window doesn’t shows.

And you have to reload whole page.

Reloading isn’t working for me anymore. I’ve only been in development mode. Strange!

Can we have a bug report? Thabks

Also experiencing this intermittently.

Was able to reproduce this, and just sent the bug report. Thank you!

This should be fixed now.

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