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[SOLVED] Email notifications - Transactional message


i am trying to figure out a process on how to automatically send email reminders to people. On my platform people can order food as take-away. In the check-out process they have to chose a pickup time (as a dropdown text field). Now I want to send them a personalized a mail 30 minutes before the order with details about the order time, the meal and the restaurants.

I already thought I found a solution with Mixpanel. However their scheduled mails are only sent once to a person. Meaning if a person orders twice at the same time it will not work.

I dont really see how it should work via Mailchimp because i only have one order button and i dont want to trigger 15 different workflows based on the pickup time and subscribe them to new lists, only to delete them again in the evening.

Does anybody have a clever idea? Thanks a lot!

You could use the Bubble API to schedule a workflow in the future, and that workflow can send the email.

So you might say schedule “email api” at a time 30 minutes before the value of the order.

I tried to. But how can I send customized mass emails to users?

Like this it shows always all “name” entries. But obviously I only want to show the one which corresponds to the mail address.

So when someone places an order, you want to send an email to that user, 30 minutes prior to their order time correct? and this email contains the following information:

The restaurant they order from
The meal they ordered
When they ordered it

So you need to ensure that all of these details are covered when you specify the parameters of the API you create, including the users email.

Option 1: Attach the information directly, so there will be no searching for information, you’ll just grab it from the parameters you specified

Option 2: Add something you can use for an accurate search, such as a unique id for the order/user.

@alexsstockton thanks a lot already for your help and sorry for my stupidity, but I still dont get it :frowning:.

You are completely correct with your understanding. I have a unique id for each order which i generate out of the users mail and the date. But how does that help for an accurate search? If I write:

Do a search for order_list
unique id = ???
pickup_time = 13:00

How do i tell the email workflow that it has to run again and again until every user which has a pickup time at 13:00 has received his individual mail? Usually I generate the id when a user is logged in. But in the email that will not be the case. I am confused :frowning:

@paul.miller.germany, no worries. No stupidity here, we all learn as we go.

You already understand how to use the bubble API to schedule an API workflow for the future, correct?

What I would do is schedule this at the moment an order is placed.

So you already have a workflow in place for the user to place an order. What i would do is schedule an api workflow at that moment in that same workflow.

Heres an example in my app:

The user schedules a session, which creates an appointment
I then setup a future api workflow that pulls all relevant data for the email out of the appointment

I imagine for your app, it could work in a similar fashion

The user clicks the “place order button”
an “order” is created
Then a future API workflow is setup and pulls the following (as a result of the order)

It pulls the name of the restaurant
it pulls the relevant email
it pulls the meal that was ordered
it pulls the the pickup time and subtracts 30 minutes (this is when it is scheduled for)

So you are not running the workflow over and over again. You are scheduling a new workflow every time an order is placed.
Does that make more sense?


@alexsstockton makes totally sense. Thanks a lot! Now I only have to think about the pickup time, because so far I just saved it as text and not as date to avoid issues with different time zones. But i will figure something out :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

No problem, anytime!