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(SOLVED) Group Height issues in responsive

I need to know what would cause a group height to increase. Here is a screenshot, the first option is longer than the rest.

edit: Due to the fact that there was much more content in the firs box, I had to extent the text height in order to compensate for when it got squeezed. Obvious in hindsight lol. Thanks @potentialthings

Tough to tell without a link, but it looks like there is more content in the long panel than the others. I would imagine it has something to do with the spacing rules between the bottom of your text and the start of the button, but can’t know for certain without looking. Have you checked the Responsive debug on your preview?


The coordinates are exactly the same on the pages, no difference in space between elements. It seems to be happening because there is more content as you said in the first box and it extends it out when squeezed. I guess I have to reduce content?